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Tax services – Taxsight

Looking for tax services in Amsterdam? We can help you! At Taxsight we have a team of tax advisor with a lot of experience, in both local and international tax matters. This team is of course aware of all the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the latest developments.

With this ability, we can help you assist have all your tax matters handled correctly. We strive for one hundred percent happy customers. Feel free to contact us for an appointment!

We are here for everyone!

We can help everyone, both individuals and entrepreneurs. Contact us for tax compliance, accountancy problems and tax advice. Besides that, we also assist corporations with these kind of matters.

Looking for payroll or company tax matters? We’re here for you too! Both individuals and corporations can contact us for help with the 30 percent ruling application, which can be very interesting. The best independent tax advisor in Amsterdam, that’s who we are!

Specially for expats

Living and working abroad as an expat is wonderful, but can also be a little overwhelming. You have to adapt to a new culture, both personally and in your working space. And then there’s also the difference in laws and regulations. We know that, and want to help you with this.

We have been assisting expats from all around the world for many years now. We know all the needs and difficulties expats might face in their time here. We will make sure you pay the best possible taxes, and that you will be very happy with our tax services!

Cross border tax matters

We can also assist with cross border tax matters. We know everything about cross border employment, and all the other relevant situations. The last thing you want is to pay double taxes, and we will help you avoid that!